CodeZero proud to be reviewed by Kubernetes guru Viktor Farcic

Despite tremendous benefits, 47% of the Kubernetes community reports a steep learning curve as a barrier to adoption according to a recent survey of 1000 Developers by So when our team started out on Kubernetes, we went out looking for online resources to learn from and we have been following Viktor Farcic for well over a year now.

Viktor is the author of the DevOps Paradox podcast and has a weekly video series called the DevOps Toolkit by Viktor Farcic on YouTube. Viktor brings a wonderful and honest mix of reviews and thought leadership pieces on Cloud Computing, Kubernetes, and DevOps.

We are very proud to have Viktor recently review CodeZero: Teleporting And Intercepting Microservices With CodeZero. My favorite quote is:

"CodeZero intercepted that request, and forwarded it to the application running on my laptop - and that is absolutely awesome"

This is exactly why we set out to build CodeZero - to give Developers an awesome experience.

True to form, Viktor found that we still have some work to do. It’s this sort of community-driven feedback that drives our product roadmap. Viktor, we hope you’ll be glad to know that the team now has brew install available:

brew install c6o/tools/czctl

Thanks for the review and feedback. We look forward to your continued broadcasts!

There are a lot more exciting features on the way. We welcome feature requests and feedback on our GitHub Discussions Page or you can email us at

Narayan Sainaney

Narayan Sainaney

Co-Founder, CTO. Father of two boys. Scotch and sailing aficionado. On a good day, I get to write code and imagine I'm an astronomer.